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The "Pursuing Purpose Program" (PPP) offers a broad range of youth development initiatives for at-risk Youth ages 12-17 and 18-25.  Our focus is to help Youth discover their purpose in life by identifying their creative interests which can include (but is not limited to) graphic arts, fashion, music production, energy, sports, media, production, and technology. Multiple industries which correlate to their interests, are presented to them through short lectures and activities, which then create pathways to education and employment as an alternative to gangs and crime.





Incarcerating youth undermines public safety, damages young people’s physical and mental health, impedes their educational and career success, and often exposes them to abuse.  Criminals in New York City are getting younger and younger.  Youth are settling their disputes through violent means.  Youth are more focused on making quick money instead of legacy.  These findings create an extremely unhealthy environment for Youth, resulting in failing grades, incarceration and/or death. 


Youth at HealthJox Festival with Dewry DuRoi and Pursuing Purpose Program

Youth @ HealthJox Festival

Pursuing Purpose Program Logo
Students with Dewry DuRoi and Pursuing Purpose Program



HealthJox Foundation, Inc. provides a remedy for these inner-city issues.  We will get NYC Youth back on track by helping them retrain their mind to focus on healthy solutions to issues while discovering their purpose to create a legacy they can be proud of. 

We believe that Youth who possess a deep understanding of their purpose and have access to resources, will be positioned to live a better-quality life therefore resulting in a healthier city for us all.  The Pursuing Purpose Program is a team consisting of licensed social workers, certified coaches, credible messengers and specialists who plays the role of “The Village,” guiding Youth on their journey to create a successful legacy.  Youth will learn how to transform their way of thinking and relieve their minds of mental health issues.

This year, we will launch the Pursuing Purpose Program which consists of a 5-session pilot alternative to incarceration program for the NYC Judicial System and a 12-week program for Youth in public school.

Pursuing Purpose Program Logo
Char Newell with Dewry DuRoi and Pursuing Purpose Program

Pursuing Purpose Program meeting @ Midtown Community Court

Pursuing Purpose Program Logo

"Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds, Healthy Environments"

Dewry DuRoi Bradford - Founder

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Empowering underserved Youth

through education, sports & arts

Children Embracing in Circle


We would like to thank our previous sponsors and supporters for helping us achieve our goals each year.


We would like to thank our previous sponsors and supporters for helping us achieve our goals each year.

Northfield Bank, Brooklyn Nets
Airodart, Knickerbocker All Star
Masters Xperience, One Breath
Brooklyn Health Equity Foundation, Antonio Reynoso
Coca Cola, Liberty Coca Cola, Body Armor
NYC Health + Hospital, USTA, United States Tennis Association
Brooklyn District Attorney, Eric Gonzalez, NYC Mayor
PSAL, Essentia, Water
Pepsico, Clothed With Love
United States Marine Corps, Leaders Of The Hardwood
FDNY, Super Coffee
BK-Network, Both Sides Of The Violence
Jerry Joseph, Aktive Athletes Elite
Uncle Chase Foundation, Keep This Link
Fenix Community Fridge, Dumbo Moving Storage
Home Missions, NYC Mayor
Prayer Jam, Go Fish Ministries
Ridgewood Diagnostic Laboratory, Seal Of The City Of Brooklyn
Panera Bread, ZP
Healthy NYC, Rock Safe Streets
Kiwanis International, Matchpoint NYC
Coney Island Community Council, Coney Island Legends & Future Leaders
NDO Champ, Stop Gun Violence
Fun Bash,
Solidarity Movers, TOP Marketing Group
Claudia Lyons, Airodart
One Breath Sports And Entertainment, NYCHSBAA
Movement With Mel, Tre 21
Lazarus Limo, DJ ShowOff
Game Over, BNIA
TFWE, Creatives Cartel
ASQUI Ventures, Exousia Cathedral
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