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About "Brownsville Shines"

"Brownsville Shines" started as an annual event servicing the community of Brownsville, Brooklyn in the holiday spirit of friends, family, hot chocolate and Christmas carols.  We've continued the tradition of offering free toys, free treats, free canned, dry goods to the Community of Brownsville.  We also offer free phones and $10 tablets complete with 6-months of free service for the first 100 participants on public assistance. In addition, we do a countdown and actually light the Christmas tree! 
This year we are expanding our service offerings by extending the calendar to multiple dates througout the year:
Saturday, April 27th, July 13th, September 14th, November 9th, November 28th and December 7th.
Brownsville Shines Christmas tree lighting
Dave Lester Payne   Promo Tour

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