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Our Mission

Our Mission

HealthJox Foundation, Inc.'s mission is to cultivate healthy bodies, healthy minds & healthy environments for underserved and at-risk youth through sports and the arts while turning New York City into the arts and vertical- forest epicenter of America.

HealthJox Kids with Dewry DuRoi at HealthJox Festival
Back to School Give-Away at HealthJox Festival with Dewry DuRoi

Our Purpose

HealthJox Foundation, Inc's purpose is to share information with the underserved Community through live/virtual events & programs in the field of arts, education and health.  Our goal is to teach at-risk Youth ways to improve their mental, physical and emotional state by discovering their purpose in life and giving them tools to become accomplished citizens in America.

Our Purpose

"Whether you are a current Athlete,  former Athlete or Spectator, we encourage all to become HealthJox for their life."

HealthJox Staff with Dewry DuRoi at HealthJox Festival


HealthJox Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit based in New York City.  We are also a New York City Vendor whose goal is to elevate at-risk Youth potential as they gain in-depth knowledge and critical skills in a diverse range of disciplines. 

HealthJox Kids with Dewry DuRoi at HealthJox Festival


“If we can get each Youth to see themselves as a “brand” while helping them to discover their purpose in this life, they will become better students, spouses, friends, parents, and citizens.”

-   Dewry DuRoi

How It All Began

Dewry DuRoi Missionary Work in Antigua

Prayer Jam - Antigua, WI
Missionary Trip


Dewry DuRoi Bradford, through his relationship with his home church "Exousia Cathedral" and the Missionary Bishop - Dr. Bishop Lester Bradford, he began missionary work in Antigua, Jamaica, Costa Rica, Haiti and Africa by providing food, clothing, technology for Youth since October,1998.

He also became the Senior Editor of the Missionary Magazine called "The Enlightener" which documents their work abroad.  He connected with the "Artist Village" which gave him access to talented artists in the Haitian region. (click on each image below)

The Enlightener Magazine Edition I
The Enlightener Magazine Edition II
The Enlightener Magazine Edition III
The Enlightener Magazine Edition IV
Dewry DuRoi Missionary Work in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti

Prayer Jam - Port-Au-Prince, Haiti
Missionary Trip

Dewry DuRoi and HealthJox Summer Blocks Park Clean-Up

HealthJox Summer Blocks - Brownsville, Brooklyn
Park Clean-up


Since 2016, founder - Dewry DuRoi Bradford began branding for a health & sports organization.  In 2018, he decided to create HealthJox and produced his own.  HealthJox events covered a range of service offerings such as giveaways of cooked & canned foods, technology, clothing, sneakers, toys and school supplies. HealthJox also produced virtual festivals and mental health town-hall meetings via Facebook, Instagram and Youtube; fashion shows to raise money for mental health patients & the homeless; park clean-ups in the Community of Brooklyn... all under the “HealthJox” brand. 


In 2020, he galvanized what would be the board of directors and formed the 501c3 nonprofit called: HealthJox Foundation, Inc., whose motto is “Healthy Minds; Healthy Bodies; Healthy Environment”.   Under the brands "HealthJox Summer Blocks" and "Brownsville Shines" HealthJox produces neighborhood events on the street and in parks.

Fadee during Brownsville Shines, HealthJox Foundation Toy giveaway with Dewry DuRoi

Brownsville Shines -
Brownsville, Brooklyn
Tree Lighting & Toy Giveaway

Brownsville Shines, HealthJox Foundation Toy giveaway with Dewry DuRoi
Brownsville Shines Logo

Moving Forward

Pursuing Purpose Program


To begin the healing of the Community, and ensure a brighter future, Dewry DuRoi realized that he couldn’t just produce events.  HealthJox had to create something more impactful for Youth to improve their lives.  Too many lives have been destroyed because of mental health issues and bad decisions.  HealthJox decided to expand their health efforts by establishing a robust curriculum covering physical, mental & environmental health, financial literacy, finding purpose, exploring the arts, and learning their origins, which will form a healthy foundation for Youth to soar.  After meeting with some judges from New York City’s Judicial System, the decision was made to create an alternative to prison program called “Pursuing Purpose Program”.  The decision was also made to create a pilot program to be implemented into the Board of Education school system.  Although this is a national initiative, HealthJox will first transform New York City into the health metropolis of America.  To accomplish this, we’ve created the official HealthJox Curriculum called: “Pursuing Purpose Program”.


To achieve a more impactful work in the Community, HealthJox Foundation BOD decided to launch the #MentalHealthInitiative campaign to begin the conversation regarding mental health in America which is also an epidemic.  Dewry DuRoi resigned as Chairman of HealthJox Foundation, Inc. and was appointed Executive Director to begin building the "Pursuing Purpose Program" for youth to eventually find their voice and understanding while learning how to live healthier lives with former social worker and nutritionist - Nfr KaRaa.  Cesar Ramirez became the new Chairman and Brian Wentzel was appointed Vice Chairman.  The "Pursuing Purpose Program" helps Youth discover their purpose through the creative arts.

Pursuing Purpose Logo
Pursuing Purpose Program Tour with Dewry DuRoi and HealthJox
Pursuing Purpose Logo
Dewry DuRoi and HealthJox Citations

Dewry DuRoi Bradford
HealthJox Headquarters

We Need Your Support Today!

Meet Our Board Of Directors

Dewry DuRoi - Executive Director of HealthJox  Foundation

Executive Director

Dewry DUROI Bradford

Chairman Emeritus

Owner of ASQUI Ventures
Brooklyn, New York
Cesar Ramirez - Chairman of HealthJox  Foundation


President of the Democratic Hispanic Caucus of Florida
Miami, Florida
Brian Wentzel - Vice Chairman of HealthJox  Foundation


Owner of Gone Green
Phoenix, Arizona


Vice Chairman

Kayla Swindell - Secretary of HealthJox  Foundation



Executive Pastor at Exousia Cathedral & Events Coordinator of TTN Ministries, Intl and Certified Life Coach 

Brooklyn, New York

Rhonda Brown Moore - Treasurer and Executive Accountant of HealthJox  Foundation


Treasuer & Executive Accountant

Owner of RB Accounting Services, Director of Finance & Administration at Man Up Inc. 
Brooklyn, New York
Brenda Locker - Chief Financial Officer of HealthJox  Foundation
Claudia Lyons - Event Coordinator of HealthJox  Foundation


Event Coordinator

Owner of Claudia "Keep This Link"

Newark, New Jersey

Glen O'Gilvie - Advisory Member of HealthJox  Foundation


Advisory Member

CEO of Center For Nonprofit Advancement since 2008, providing education, networking, advocacy and back office services to nearly 1,000 organizations.…
Washington, DC
Lucia Bradford - Executive Music Chair of HealthJox  Foundation


Chief Financial Officer

Vice President, Sr. Financial Analyst & Former Co-Chair of the Diversity Committee of Bank Of America
Charlotte, North Carolina


Executive Music Chair

Arts Coordinator for P.S. 130 Hernando Desoto School

New York, New York

Dewry DuRoi - Executive Director of HealthJox  Foundation at HealthJox Headquarters



From 1999 - 2005, as a Designer and eventually Creative Director in the Fashion Industry, Dewry "DuRoi" Bradford designed full collections for Celebrities and Brands in the marketplace such as Sean John, Phat Farm, Chinese Laundry, Outkast, Rocawear, Def Jam University, Timberland, Bad Boy Athletics, etc.  He created everything from graphics and garment construction to procuring factories in China, Hong Kong, Philippines and South Korea during his career.


In 2005, he launched his design consulting firm called "ASQUI Ventures" which he positioned to manage stylists, designers, graphic designers and acquire design accounts.  During that time he forged design and branding contracts with Steve Madden Outerwear, Marvel "Avengers", Illionaire Society, Black Bean Sauce, Puma, Head, And 1, K1X, Protege', Michael Vick, Phat Farm Outerwear, G-Unit Outerwear, Ecko Outerwear, Ecko International, One Wonder Cycling, UFC to name a few.


With the desire to get more into Community affairs, he increased his involvement in his church, becoming a missionary and traveling with his Church's Missions Group: “Transforming The Nations”  to Haiti, Costa Rica, Jamaica and Antigua. During his travels, he decided to set up a local platform to address health & sports within New York.  He launched a health & sports festival called HealthJox Festival in 2018 to get everyone active while sharing health information.  HealthJox received a Citation from Brooklyn Borough President - Eric Adams in 2018 and he received a Citation as well in 2020 for his Virtual HealthJox Festival & Virtual Town-hall Meeting to discuss the issues surrounding mental health where he launched the #MentalHealthInitiative campaign with New York Fashion Designer & Jewelry Artisan Phil Harris.  With Phil, he conducted 5-Fashion Shows in New York City to bring awareness to Mental Health issues in America.  One notably in Times Square during "The Fashion Week Experience" which is a fashion show co-produced by owner James Corbett and Dewry "DuRoi" Bradford in the heart of Times Square, NYC.  He then partnered with the United States Marine Corps to produce the HealthJox 2-Day Festival @ Brooklyn Bridge Park on August 20th & 21st along with 4-other sports events.


On September 4, 2021, Dewry DuRoi launched CorDuRoi Apparel and HealthJox Apparel during New York Fashion Week at The Fashion Week Experience fashion show in Times Square, NYC.   CorDuRoi teamed up with Diamond Jewelry Artisan Mike Nekta. Dewry DuRoi then went on to show during the first annual Bronx Music Festival with DJ Kool Herc and the Cold Crush Brothers.


In 2022 Dewry DuRoi launched “CraftPalooza” at the Tillary Hotel.  Also in 2022 he celebrated the 5th year anniversary of HealthJox Festival and the 10th anniversary of “Brownsville Shines” where the Brooklyn Borough President – Antonio Reynoso addressed the crowd.  HealthJox was able to give away over 300 toys, apparel, sneakers, house products, canned/dry goods, coats, phones, tablets and cooked food.


In 2023, Dewry DuRoi and HealthJox Foundation, Inc. will launch the Pursuing Purpose Program” which is an alternative to incarceration program for At-Risk Youth.

Dewry DuRoi



Born and raised in the poorest congressional district in the United States, South Bronx New York, District 16.  Cesar is no stranger to the urban and economic challenges that impacts our communities today.  At a young age Cesar found his passion in public advocacy through his participation in a non-profit community-based youth advocacy and leadership training, Latino empowerment organization known as Aspira of New York.  Eduardo Padro Esq, an alumni and representative of Yale University and Judge Sonia Sotomayor both became Cesar's mentors at Aspira of New York.


In 1992 Cesar Ramirez was accepted to Pace University where he studied political science and competed in Mock Trials and Model U.N. teams.  In his passion to represent the Hispanic community, Cesar realized that there were no Hispanic clubs within the student activity council and with his passion to represent Cesar coordinated with a small organization and founded a chapter of a Latin Fraternity at Pace University that today has grown to serve over 200 Colleges and Universities throughout the country.  Cesar decided to follow in his Father’s footsteps and joined the Army in the Summer of 1992 and was offered the Military Occupational Specialty of Military Intelligence and was shipped to Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri.  Cesar completed his military obligation in 2001 and opted to accept an Honorable Discharge. After working for Citigroup, he decided to go back to school  and completed his bachelor’s degree and MBA in 4 years at the University of Phoenix in Arizona.


At the age of 16 he challenged the Mayor of New York on the steps of City Hall which landed me half a dozen interviews on TV and a $100K check to support the program in jeopardy of budget cuts.  Later as a college student he remained active and served in the Model United Nations Team and debated complicated issues as well as competed in Mock Trials.  This experience gave him exposure to be selected to address congress special sub-committee on Family and Youth Issues.  His ability to debate and articulate the concerns of my community created a program in Aspira called Project L.E.Y.E.S (Legal Education Youth Empowerment Services).  This program included Legal Mock Trial competitions where he won twice while litigating a fictitious case in front of Justice Sonia Sotomayor who later became one of my coaches in subsequent competitions.  With strong relationships in New York CIty, he has been politically engaged for the past 25 years, 7 years of which were in Florida. 


Throughout his career, Cesar held and/or currently holds the following positions:

·         VP of Cross Border Data Compliance Risk - Citi Group

·         Biden Delegate – 2020 Democratic National Convention – Active Surrogate

·         President – Democratic Hispanic Caucus of Florida

·         National Events Co-Chair for the Boricua con Biden Campaign

·         Vice Chair – Polk County Democratic Executive Committee

·         Florida Democratic Party Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) Committee Member

·         Vice Chair of the Civic Engagement Sub Committee of the D&I Committee

·         Polk County Committeeman Precinct 226

Cesar Ramirez - Chairman of HealthJox  Foundation
Brian Wentzel - Vice Chairman of HealthJox  Foundation



Brian’s first business was a hip hop clothing brand he created in the late ‘90s at the age of 19 years old called Guru Gear. Based out of Arizona, Brian found himself a little removed from the major hubs of influence (NY, LA, Atlanta, Houston, etc..), but still managed to catch the attention of some of the biggest emerging talent just as they were coming into their prime: Outkast, Black Eyed Peas, Refugee Camp. 


Torn between taking his brand to the next level or getting caught up in the predominant street culture of Arizona, he would unfortunately go on to take the latter path. 


Living in Tucson during the Golden Age of Hip Hop, Brian found himself immersed at the top of the food chain of the primary drug corridor that as much as 80% of all drugs flowing into the United States were flowing through at the time. 


After many years immersed in this culture and being an advocate for the legalization of cannabis, Brian would eventually leave this behind and begin working in the entertainment industry while finding himself spiritually. Spending many years traveling, healing, and learning, he would eventually create a brand called Gone Green whose mission is to: create social, economic, and environmental solutions for all people worldwide. 


Focusing on the empowerment of the individual, and guided by the saying that “the best way to heal the environment is to heal the environmentalist”,Gone Green developed the ecommerce platform where they plant a tree for every product you buy and sell supplements, water filtration systems, EMF protection, etc..  for supporting the individual on their health and wellness journey while helping the planet at the same time.  


Gone Green Superfoods ( is an import/export and private label business for manufacturing superfoods and Gone Green Hemp ( is Brian’s exclusive CBD brand that caught the endorsement of Kevin Harrington, an original Shark from Shark Tank and founder of the As Seen On TV brand. 

Brian also founded the United Nations of Hip Hop with Health Jox founder Dewry Bradford, whose mission is to: protect and preserve hip hip culture for the next 1,000 years.

Cesar Ramirez
Brian Wentzel



Born in St. John’s, Antigua and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Kayla J. Swindell graduated from Abraham Lincoln High School and began higher education at New York City Technical College majoring in Liberal Arts & Science.  Mrs. Swindell then transferred to pursue her Bachelors Degree in Early Childhood Education at Brooklyn College.  She continued her studies at Medgar Evers College and on November 21, 2001, a Certificate of Achievement was awarded to her for Child Development Training in Business Management, Food and Nutrition, Infant, Toddler, Preschool, School Age, Child Abuse, Parenting and Curriculum Development.   She is also the recipient of the New York State Office of Children and Family Services Research Foundation of State University of New York Early Childhood Education and Training Program.  She holds the SUNY Health and Safety Training: Competencies for Becoming a Family or Group Family Day Care Provider Certificate, awarded on June 30, 2003. (Medgar Evers College, Brooklyn, NY)  She attended Penn Foster College and obtained a Career Diploma in Child Day Care Management on March 25, 2008, with an emphasis in Child Day Care.  After graduating from college she worked at Republic Bank in the Foreign Exchange Department until they closed and then started her own Day Care Establishment in Brownsville, Brooklyn called “Tender Hearts Day Care Center” for 10-years.


Under the auspices of Bishop Lester Bradford she was appointed Youth Evangelist in November 1993, then elevated to the position of Executive Pastor/Prophetess of Exousia Cathedral. Pastor Kayla Swindell’s Ordination was on November 16, 2008 in Brooklyn, NY.  She serves in Full Time Ministry as Executive Pastor of Exousia Cathedral and Personal Executive Administrator to The Bishop and First Lady.  The Joint College of Bishops Congress granted her the Certificate of Bishops in Episcopacy and Leadership for Administrative Assistant on March 16, 2016 and also on March 17, 2017 in Cleveland, Ohio. (awarded by Metropolitan Archbishop and President J. Delano Ellis, ll, Ph.D.,D.D.).  On November 9, 2008 at the 37th Church Anniversary, The Certificate of Leadership Excellence was presented to her for Leadership Excellence and Faithfulness to the Esther’s Staff, God’s Handmaidens and Refined Single Ladies.


For more than 25 years, Pastor Swindell has been the President of Refined Single Ladies which is an outreach group for unmarried women between the ages of 18-65 years old. Teaching, coaching, book clubs, conducting workshops and outings are the primary ways she has chosen to motivate and strengthen their self-esteem and relationship goals. She has special counseling support for single mothers, widows, abused ladies and divorcees.  Mrs. Swindell produced Conferences internationally and abroad in New York, Antigua, Bahamas, Punta Cana, Barbados, Puerto Rico, Canada, Arizona, Florida, Pennsylvania, Connecticut and New Jersey.  Her experience in the areas of speaking, teaching and coaching include conferences, workshops and seminars with topics such as: Know Your Worth, Put A Ring On It, Breaking Soul Ties, Identifying Red Flags in Relationships, Relationship Goals, Single and Satisfied, Overcoming Heartbreak, What’s Love Got to Do With It?, I Think I Want to Get Married, Pillow Talk, The Bride Speaks, When His No turns to “YES”, Behind the Mask, Straight from the Horse’s Mouth-Men Panel, Coping With Covid, Ultimate Vision Board Parties and Baby Showers.


Pastor Swindell is also the Vice President of God’s Handmaidens Women’s Department. She has the responsibility for planning and hosting annual International Women’s Retreats.  God’s Handmaidens is an outreach ministry where women are healed, delivered of emotional wounds and set free from the bondage of stress.  Our support system is powerful! Her mission has broadened to affect those in need of a Body, Soul and Spirit Rejuvenation and Restoration. Over 18 years she has God’s Handmaidens Retreats that offer: women’s health and wellness workshops, panel discussion forums, spa treatments, physical activities, mental strengthening, spiritual  deliverance, fashion/makeup-makeover workshops, and helping them to find their purpose in identity formation.  Her mission is to transform lives individually and in groups in every forum. 

She has conducted many Workshops and has been awarded Certificates for “The Cycle Breaker”, “I am Free to Be Me”, “Imperfectly Perfect”, “Breaking Generational Curses”, “I am Worth It”, and “Weathering the Storm” to name a few.  Mrs. Swindell is also the Keynote Speaker at the “Prophetic Encounter” Conferences which take place annually at Exousia Cathedral in Brooklyn, New York.


As a Missionary: Pastor Kayla Swindell has been working diligently as Administrator in “Transforming the Nations” (T.T.N.) Missions Outreach. This is a global Ministry that annually distributes food, clothes, technology, school supplies and medical supplies to the less fortunate. Along with it’s founder Bishop Lester Bradford, she has been working in missions for over 23 years. The ministry has been to several nations including: Nigeria, Ghana, Zimbabwe, Costa Rica, Panama, Nicaragua, Canada, England, Antigua, Jamaica, Nevis, St. Kitts, , Barbuda, Barbados, Haiti, Trinidad and St. Croix. Under the T.T.N. umbrella is “Prayer Jam Live” an International Youth Movement in which she is the Executive Producer & Event Director. 

As a Writer: she is the Managing Editor and Contributing Writer of The Enlightener Magazine. She is also Senior Editor of ‘Be Encouraged Media’ publishing several books: “And the Two Became One”(Bishop Bradford, Pastor Bradford), “God’s Chosen Fast for His Chosen People” (Bishop Bradford), “Seasons of Our Lives”(Pastor Janette Bradford), “Tools for Survival for Pastors and Leaders” (Bishop Bradford) and “Stewardship” (Bishop Bradford).  As a Play Write: Writing Plays has always been her passion. Kayla started writing at the age of 18. Many of her plays were performed by talented actors/actresses from many walks of life. The cast from her local church consisted of youth and adults between the ages of 7-50 years old. Some of the plays she is known for are: “Changed”, “Is Your Bible Collecting Dust?”,  “Christmas is a Pain”, “Will You Be Ready?” (which had 10 encore performances) and her current project, “Forbidden Fruit”.


Certified Life Coach:  During the 2020 coronavirus pandemic, Kayla studied at the International Association of Professions Career College and received her official certification.  She is now a certified Life Coach in 2021.

Kayla Swindell - Secretary of HealthJox  Foundation
Kayla Swindell
Brenda Locker - Chief Financial Officer of HealthJox  Foundation



From the State of Virginia, Brenda Locker spent most of her career at Bank of America in Charlotte, North Carolina.  She quickly rose through the ranks of this corporate empire to the level of Vice President and Senior Analyst.  Mrs. Locker also is the former Co-Chair of the Diversity Committee in Charlotte, North Carolina.  This group, under Bank of America provides strategic direction on how they approach diversity and inclusion as a company. Under the GDIC she focused on growing the diverse representation of Bank of America's workforce, promoting an inclusive workplace and being a place where all employees have the opportunity to achieve their goals and meet the needs of our customers.  Mrs. Locker then joined the Consumer Finance Team & the Expense Horizontal Team where she conducted Centralized Reporting throughout the establishment.


As Chief Financial Officer of HealthJox Foundation, Inc., she will oversee the organization's finances, including financial planning, management of financial risks, record-keeping, financial reporting and access to her current resources. 

Brenda Locker



Rhonda Brown-Moore  is a graduate of Bernard Baruch College with a BS in Accounting. After graduation, Ms. Moore proceeded to work for Fortune 500 companies Simon & Schuster, Colgate and PaineWebber.  As she realized her passion for helping people, she decided to use her skills to assist nonprofit organizations to help them maintain their financial stability.  Dedicated to this decision, Ms. Moore is currently working as the Director of Finance for Man Up! Inc. which is a nonprofit dedicated to eradicating gun violence in East New York, Brooklyn, NY.  As a former resident of Red Hook Projects, she knows the need for community-based organizations in urban neighborhoods and the value that they bring to a Community in need.  


As the Treasurer of HealthJox Foundation, Inc., Ms Moore will manage the monthly accounting of the organization while keeping abreast of the ever-changing laws that govern nonprofits from state to state.  

Rhonda Brown Moore - Treasurer of HealthJox  Foundation
Glen O'Gilvie - Advisory Member of HealthJox  Foundation



Glen O’Gilvie has served as chief executive officer of the Center for Nonprofit Advancement since 2008, providing education, networking, advocacy and back office services to nearly 1,000 organizations. A leader with more than 20 years of management experience in the National Capital region’s nonprofit sector, Glen is passionate about addressing the issues affecting people and communities.


Before joining the Center, Glen served as President and CEO of Earth Conservation Corps, Program Officer at The Community Foundation for the National Capital Region and National Coordinator at the Robert F. Kennedy Memorial. During his tenure at each organization, he strengthened programmatic and administrative infrastructure and forged partnerships with nonprofits, government, foundations and corporations to advance each mission and increase outcomes.


Glen holds a bachelor’s degree in sociology, a master’s of education and has completed various nonprofit management and leadership training and certification programs, including Harvard University Kennedy School’s Leadership in the 21st Century. In 2015, he accomplished the Certified Association Executive (CAE) designation. He also serves as a nonprofit management, fundraising, and leadership and management adjunct professor.

Glen resides with his wife and two children, Delaney and AJ, and is active in youth sports and education enrichment.




Mezzo-soprano, Lucia Bradford is a native of Brooklyn, N.Y. who has an extensive career in music and live performances.  She will be in charge of galvanizing amazing talent for various fundraisers throughout each year through her resources and relationships.  While in New York, she serves as the Music Teacher and Arts Coordinator@ P.S. 130 Hernando Desoto School while being a private voice teacher at the Harlem School of the Arts, implementing basic musical skills through aural, visual and kinesthetic learning. She teaches sight singing and sight reading which is supported through playing recorder, glockenspiels, hand bells and percussion instruments.  Ms. Bradford is the Coordinator of all in- house shows throughout the year namely The Holiday Show, Chinese New Year, Pan American Day and an annual Talent Show Harlem School of the Arts. She also teaches vocal technique through classical repertoire and foreign languages. 


• Master’s Degree in Vocal Performance and Pedagogy from Westminster Choir College

• Bachelor’s Degree in Music Education from Westminster Choir College

• NYCBOE Certified in General music grades K-12

Ms. Bradford was on the All City High School Chorus of NYC Frank Sinatra School of the Arts, and received a Master’s Degree in Vocal Performance and Pedagogy from Westminster Choir College.  She also has a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Education from Westminster Choir College.  Ms. Bradford is also NYCBOE Certified in General music grades K-12.


Lucia Bradford has performed a number of operatic roles including Carmen in Bizet’s La Tragedie de Carmen, Zita in Puccini’s Gianni Schicchi, La Principessa in Puccini’s Suor Angelica, The Mother  in Ravel’s L’Enfant des Sortileges, Mercedes in Bizet’s Carmen, Mrs. Quickly in Verdi’s Falstaff,  The Sorceress in Purcell's Dido and Aeneas, Gertrude in Gounod's Romeo and Juliet, Hippolyta in Britten’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Miss Todd in Menotti’s Old Maid and the Thief, the Duchess of Plaza Toro in Gilbert and Sullivan’s The Gondoliers,  Azelia Dessalines in the historic return of William Grant Still’s opera Troubled Island with New York City Opera at the Schomburg Center, Mamie Till in the contemporary opera, Emmett Till, Maria in Gershwin’s Porgy and Bess and the Mother of Paul Dunbar in the premiere of The Mask in the Mirror by Richard Thompson.


Ms. Bradford has had the privilege of singing and touring in Russia with the Krasnoyarsk Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra and the Radio Orpheus Symphony Orchestra in Siberia, Dubna and Moscow presented by Opera Noire of New York City. She has also toured in parts of Spain, the Caribbean and throughout the United States.


In addition to opera, she enjoys performing in concert and recital settings. Namely, performing works of Schubert, Rossini and Moses Hogan at the prestigious Kimmel Center with the renowned Maestro Christoph Eschenbach at the piano, the alto soloist at Carnegie Hall in Mozart's Vesperae solennes de Confessore with Mid America, the alto soloist in Hadyn's Lord Nelson Mass for the Colour of Music Festival in South Carolina, works of Leonard Bernstein with New York Festival of Song (NYFOS) at Merkin Hall, the alto soloist in Undine Smith Moore’s The Scene for the Life of a Martyr in Minnesota, appearing with chamber orchestras including the Harlem Chamber Players performing for their annual Bach series and the St Luke's orchestra. Ms. Bradford also enjoys singing new compositions. She appeared in New York City Opera's VOX concert series performing a new work called Crescent City by Anne LeBaron as Marie Leveau also in Yoav Gal’s work called Mosheh as Miriam.  Ms. Bradford also enjoys singing other genres such as gospel and jazz. She is a member of Opera Noire of New York City and the American Spirituals Ensemble. 

Lucia Bradford - Executive Arts Chair of HealthJox  Foundation
Lucia Renata Bradford
Claudia Lyons - Event Coordinator of HealthJox  Foundation



With over 20 years of Management and Event Production Experience, Claudia joins the board of Directors after managing the 2-day HealthJox Festival 2019 at Brooklyn Bridge Park and Kaiser Park in Coney Island.  Claudia has a degree in Hospitality Management & Marketing complete with a list of events and staging ranging from the Barclay's Center to Brooklyn Borough Hall.  She has a proven track record of identifying and maximizing event opportunities.  She also requires little to no supervision to meet corporate goals because of her excellent time management & communication skills.

Claudia Lyons
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